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Company Owner Will Sensiba has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry in Texas and New Mexico. He has worked on roofing crews first as a laborer and later as a supervisor. Several years ago, Will realized that there was no one in El Paso specializing in roof repair. “If a contractor can’t make money doing repairs, they will try to sell a complete roof any time they possibly can. It’s like asking your insurance agent if you need more insurance. Of course you do.” He saw many homes being re-roofed that really only needed relatively minor repairs.
In 2007 Cottonwood Construction set up a designated roof repair crew and began offering roof repair services.
“We don’t do full re-roofs unless they are very small, we are set up to do repairs, that’s what we specialize in”.
If you do in fact need a complete re-roof we can refer you to a competent and trustworthy El Paso Roofing Contractor. Call us to find out what you really need.

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